Cold Outreach is NOT Dead, You just have to change your approach. 

We all have tried to get clients from cold calling and emailing. 

And 9 times out 10, we haven't even gotten a client from cold outreach, because cold calling and col emailing isn't effective at all. Tons of marketers do this, and most of the time what happens is that they just click the delete button to your email, and hang up on your cold calls. 

There are plenty of reasons for the low results of cold outreach, but fortunately, there is a way to fix it. 


Imagine if you were on the receiving end of a cold call or a cold email. You probably wouldn't even imagine buying something from them, because you have never seen them, don't trust them. And you're not going to spend tons of money with them for sure. 

The whole reason why cold calling doesn't work is because there is no trust at all. In order to gain someones trust, you need several things, dependability, integrity, capability, and intimacy. 

Dependability and Integrity, is hard to prove on the first encounter. You can give the prospect all the guarantees you want, but they will only believe you and your integrity when your actions match your words. 

But you can get half the battle done by proving your capabilities and intimacy.


Video is a really effective way to create intimacy with someone. With a video, you can keep your prospects intrigued to what you have to say.


Studies have shown that in the year 2000, people had an attention span of 12 seconds, which is plenty of time for the most seasoned marketers to convey their product to their audience. But in a study in 2018, people are estimated to have an attention span of 8.25 seconds, which is worse than the 9 second attention span of a goldfish. 

So as marketers, we are trying to sell to lazy goldfish, which makes our jobs much harder.


So boring emails and articles don't work anymore, which is I and many other marketing experts like Gary Vee are promoting video to be included in your marketing plans. 


You shouldn't only be creating video to post on social media, you should create video as a short pitch to significantly increase conversion rates.  


1. Know Your Product, and Your Client's Problems

First thing you need to do is know your prospects and current client's problems, and figure out how you can solve that. Then, put your solution in a quick 2 to 3 sentence explanation. 

This will serve as the purpose of your video, and now you work around that purpose. 

2. Write Your Introduction to Your Video. 

You can start with a quick hi, and then your name, what you do and where you work, why you are reaching out. After that, give a quick introduction of your company, who your target market is, and why the prospect fits right in. 

"Hi, My name is Archal Rami, I am the founder and CEO of a digital marketing firm Rami Consulting Group, which specializes in providing digital marketing services for law firms, restaurants, and other businesses. Instead of annoyingly calling you or writing a long boring email, I decided to talk to you face to face."

Then you continue to the purpose that you developed.

"I know that a lot of law firms struggle to consistently acquire customers from the internet, and we specialize in creating an online leads machine using Search Engine Optimization and Advertising. I believe that we would work together since we are both results oriented firms. " 

3. Back Up Your Purpose with past work, evidence, and screen shots. 

Now its time to go prove your capability, which will hint the client on your dependability and integrity. What you can do in this phase is talk about the number of clients you have served, results you have gotten in the past, and examples of work you can show them via overlays. 

Here is my example:

"Now, when I say results oriented firm, I mean it, since we have been serving 47 clients across the United States, and have generated more than $1,000,000 in revenue for our clients over the past year. Every client that we have worked with have been satisfied when they have worked with us, and I would love to invite you to work with us. We are a small team of 15 people, giving a no BS, no fluff, results experience so you can create a master sales funnel."

Then you can address the prospect, and add other concerns that the prospect may have. 

"I understand that lawyers have concerns that some digital marketing firms may not work around the codes of conduct, and they may not do law firm marketing as good as your competitors. When working with us, you can leave all of these concerns aside, since we've worked with tons of law firms, and know how to work with your local codes of conduct. 

This will create a 2 minute video, and introduce you to them, creating intimacy to a high level. And increasing your conversion rates at the same time. 


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