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How to Create Backlinks to a Law Firm Website to Get Customers from The Internet

There is no doubt that a law firm is in the most competitive niches when it comes to digital marketing, which means that it is important for one to be on top of their game.

Now, most lawyers attempt to get their customers from the internet from advertising, but the cost per click to your website can be high up to $100. That means if just 10 people click on your site, you are spending a thousand dollars, with no guarantee that they will work with you.

That’s why it is important to be able to rank a page high on Google organically, so you can drive traffic and future clients to your website, for free using organic search results.

The number one way to do that is by building quality links that refer back to your website, making sure that you are following the code of ethics. Building links to your website will power you to be able to acquire customers organically from the internet. Doing it wrong will also make sure that you never get a customer from the internet if you get penalized by Google, or for violating the code of conduct.

The code of ethics from the American Bar Association clearly emphasizes that you cannot create advertisements or any type of content that misleads or is incorrect information about law, or your firm. That being said, you should also make sure that you check your state’s code of conduct, as each state's laws are different.

So, here are the top ways that you can build links to your site. Please remember that all of these tips are aligned by the code of conduct of the American Bar Association. Before you implement anything, please check with your state’s code of conduct and all others that apply to you.

Create Social Media Profiles and Stay Active On Them.

Creating social media profiles will help you to create a presence. Creating a company profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. And then link back to your website’s domain. The reason you should do this so you let Google know that you are a legit business, trying to acquire clients. Even though the link to your website is no follow, they will still help you grow your presence since their authority is so high.

Submit Your Firm To Legal Directories.

Submitting your firm to legal directories, or even any directory is a way for you to get backlinks to your site. Sure, some of them will have no follow links, but this will still allow you to be able to build trust to your site.

As long as none of the information to your law firm is incorrect, you should be able to submit to local directories which will help you get exposure to potential clients at the same time.

Guest Posting.

If you aren’t guest posting yet, then you need to start soon. Having a blog by itself isn’t going to help your site rank better in search.

It’s how you use the blog that’s important. Using your blog and articles to create links to your website is what is going to make people read your content.

Here is how you do that.

Type up an article in your niche that will help a potential client.

Your next objective is to find blogs with high domain authority to submit this article to, in exchange for a backlink to your site.

Here is how you find good blogs where you can submit your content to.

Go to Google and type in: “your niche” + inurl:write-for-us

This will help you find legal blogs in your niche that will happily accept your content. Sure, some of them won’t accept your content, but do it enough, and people will start accepting. Sometimes, all you need is one high authority link to boost your traffic.

Have a local event.

As a lawyer, you often have specific service areas that you are targeting.

If you have hired a good SEO specialist, or are doing it yourself, the first step should be to create a location page for that particular area or city. Creating a location page will help you make sure that you are targeting the right audience, and not wasting your resources outside of your service area.

When you host an event, you can submit that event to sites that can promote your event. As long as the details of the event are correct, then you can promote the event so much, and you will get tons of links to your site. Since Google values the relevancy of backlinks over quantity sometimes, this will drive crazy SEO power to your site.

By hosting an event, engaging with your community will improve your presence in that community, and that will help you get more clients from talking at events.

Offer a Scholarship

In the world of SEO, getting high authority backlinks to your site will help you rank high. If you can get backlinks from .org or .edu sites, the SEO power you will get from then is INSANE.

One way you can do this by following the code of conduct at the same time is by offering a scholarship, and then submitting it to scholarship sites. As long as you have the application form and the summary on your website, you can have those websites link back to you. This will help you get backlinks, and you can help a future student by helping them pay for their tuition.

Getting backlinks doesn’t have to be hard, but as long as you do it by following the codes, you can be really successful at this.

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