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How to Do SEO For a New Website When You Have a Limited Budget

See those analytics numbers from Google Search Console? If you're a rookie website, and want to achieve those numbers, then you're going to have to follow this guide to your next to nothing SEO guide.

When people often think of SEO, they often think of a complex system of algorithms working together to analyze the best and most relevant sites and put them together, right? If that’s what you’re thinking, then yes, you are right. Thankfully, we don’t have to sit down and start altering this code, all we have to do is be able to understand it, and learn how to give it what it wants.

If you’ve gone to any good service based business’ website, you often see a corner that says Case Studies that offers you opportunities to see how that company was successful at what they do. The whole reason they do this is so that the company gets a little more credibility, making it easier to sell to their prospects.

It is sort of the same situation here, since your goal to improve your site’s credibility, and relevance. For example, if you search into to google “how to improve my SEO rankings” or “how do I rank my page higher, you expect one the articles that popup to give you an in depth guide to help you improve your seo. And the top few results will only appear if they have shown google that the page has relevance to what the audience is searching, and that the site has good credibility. The way to build that credibility is by creating backlinks for other domains to connect to yours, and by having proper wording in your pages to match for relevance. Essentially telling google, more people are likely to refer this page to others, making it a better site to recommend.

Now that we know the basics to SEO, here are the 6 things you can do to help you get your brand new site, ranking high on google.

Make sure that your website’s pages has good relevant, quality content to your niche.

You can do hundreds of things to make your site go all the way up to the top, but in the end, you have to put your most attention on the content of your site. Google analyzes the amount of time that is often spent on a site like yours, or on a site like your competitors.

If people are spending more time on theirs, then that means that you don’t have much quality content.

Another thing to make sure that you have good quality content is to add more content to your site, preferably through a blog. If your site is a blog, then you can ignore this section. But if your site has a product or service as the primary attraction on your site, it is important to have a blog where you are posting some sort of content regularly, to show google that you are putting up content regularly, and since the content should be relevant to your niche, it will help you gain ranking on your keywords.

A good example of this is when you go to my website, ramiconsultinggroup.com, and see the blog tab, you can see that almost every other day, if not everyday and article is posted.

Set up a Google Search Console Account.

This account is crucial when you are trying to get you website out of Google’s sandbox, and have it start going up the ranks.

Once you set up the account, go on the tab on the left, click on the sitemap, and submit that to google. This will allow google to see transparently into your site, which will endorse them to read it, and rank you.

This account will also allow you to see much more analytics once you start getting more traffic. See where people are coming from, how old they are, how much money they make, what they like, and much more information that can be helpful for you.

Don’t just target a niche, target keywords.

A lot of my clients, when they try to do SEO on their own, they attempt to target the niche they are in, but the key is to target keywords inside the niche. For example, I am in the lead generation and SEO business, therefore I should be targeting phrases like “How do I increase my website’s ranking on google?” Other keywords like “how do I do SEO for a new website?” or “how do I get my website on the first page of google?” These are the phrases you should target for. In fact, I mentioned these phrases exactly, to optimize this page for those keyword searches.

Use Ubersuggest or any other keyword planner to find which keywords people are searching.

Use a keyword planner and find out which phrases that are similar to your niche, and phrases that people are searching for, and start targeting keywords for that.

You don’t have to use Ubersuggest, but it is a good FREE keyword planner, that give other recommendations that are similar, that people are searching for.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile.

Google released a pdf, which announced that Google's algorithm will now take into consideration of the design and optimization of mobile pages. A lot of SEO companies started struggling to find out how to make good mobile pages, so that they can keep up with Google’s new standards.

Make sure that the items on your page flow properly, and that things aren’t overlapping too much, and that images are properly compressed for the mobile version of the site.

Improve the speed of your page.

Whether you are working on your desktop, or mobile sites, you have to make sure that the website loads quickly. If you and your competitors are both targeting the same keyword, but your website loads faster, then you will gain a slight edge over them, putting you on top.First thing you should do is check your website’s speed. Google “website speed test” and enter your domain. It should give you a break down of what needs to be changed and how you can change that.

One of the most common reasons that a site is slow is that the images are low quality and/or the images are too large in size, slowing the site down since it takes too long to load. One thing you can do is increase the quality of images in your website. Higher pixelation of an image often reduces the actual size of the image, making the image load quicker than other sites.

Make sure that the homepage has a good load speed. This is important because users may leave your site if they have to wait even just an extra few seconds for each page to load. That would hurt your dwell time, increase your bounce rate and reduce the number of pages viewed – all of which could hurt your SEO ranking.

Increase the number of videos on your website.

One of the things that Google considers on your site’s rankings, is how long a visitor stays on your site. Adding a video in place of an image for a viewer to see will help your viewers stay on your website longer, like your content more, and potentially engage with it.

Studies have shown that adding a video on your site in place of an image decreases your bounce rate by 28%, Increases the time spent on your site by 308 seconds more compared to 42 seconds, and a 28% more memory rate.

All of this will likely increase your conversion rates, making you more money, and at the same time this will allow you to increase your ranking on google.

Increase the number of backlinks to your site.

A backlink is a site that has your domain mentioned it, potentially referring their viewers to you. The more domains you have that are referring your site, the most google believes that your site is credible, and your site will move up the rankings. Makes sense right? It’s like before you buy anything, you look at the companies reviews, right? That’s what google does too. The more links, the more credibility.

There are several things you can do to increase the number of backlinks you have, but the easiest way is to become a contributor on another blog. This way you won't have to spend lots of money too.

Go on google and type in:

[your niche] + inurl:write-for-us

[your niche] + inurl:become-a-contributor

[your niche] + inurl:become-a-writer

Then write an article for them, that will be in your niche, and it will give you a quality backlink for you to use. Keep on writing articles and sending it to them, this will allow you to get more backlinks, and in exchange you are giving the blog good quality content.

SEO is a tough thing to do, and no matter what you do in SEO, you need to have patience and put your head down and work, without expecting any results. One thing you should keep in mind is that just because you’re trying to get your site to be SEO friendly, remember that the biggest priority is user experience. If you don’t have the proper user experience in place, then you’ll be having low conversions, despite the high traffic.

SEO doesn't need to cost a ton, which is why you can do it for next to nothing.

Now, you may be asking why do people pay thousands for SEO agencies to do their SEO for them when they can just do it themselves?

Imagine if you are a restaurant owner. Lots of times the restaurant owner is the head chef. Ask yourself this question. Would I rather spend my time developing new recipes and perfecting our ingredients so that our customers enjoy our food, or do I want to spend hours creating backlinks to my site?

This is what makes companies like Rami Consulting Group successful. We spend hours perfecting our SEO techniques so you can spend time perfecting your business. If you are interested in inquiring on our SEO packages, just fill out one of the contact forms that are placed throughout the site.

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