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The Number One Way to Rank Your Website On Google - How to Drive Traffic To Your Site To Rank.

With the topic of SEO becoming more and more popular by the day, it likely means that you know the basics to SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is, then SEO stands for search engine optimization, which basically means it is the process of optimizing web pages and creating trust with Google to rank your website higher. There are several strategies that people use to make sure that they rank on the first page of Google. But one of the most simplest steps involves making sure that your website is properly designed. Making sure that there are only a couple H1 tags, and the rest of the page is properly structured with H2, H3, and Paragraph tags, allowing search engines to look clearly into your website. Make sure that your robots.txt file allows search engines to crawl your pages, and if you don't want them to crawl certain pages, then you tell them not to. Another thing to make sure is that your alt text is properly customized with at least a partial keyword and a location of you are trying to rank for local SEO. Another thing you can do is create backlinks for your website and its pages that you are trying to rank for. This technique has been around for ages, and it is very effective and still one of the most important factors when trying to rank something. You can get links by creating profile pages, guest posting, and you can even buy links off a site like fiverr. But everyone who is trying to rank something does that, so you need a way to go above and beyond, in order to rank something number one, not just on the first page. The answer to that is traffic, from Google. I know, the whole point of SEO is to get high organic traffic, but you will need to drive traffic from other places onto google, onto your website from there, while they are searching for your keyword. Sounds confusing? Here is an example. In order to do what I described earlier, you can start another blog, or another youtube channel where you teach others to rank on Google, or you teach others something about your keyword and how it pertains to your company. If you reach a thousand people, you might get a 100 people searching this on Google: Your keyword + your company. Google's algorithm will soon pick up that users on Google want to see your companies content on that particular keyword, and what will Google do, rank your content higher, granted that you have done your other core work like backlinks and web page optimization.

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