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If you have always had to conduct something in digital marketing, and thing you have done an awesome job at it, then here is your chance to earn money to go to college. It can be anything from creating a logo to a program at your school, or having a great cold emailing template that you used to get sponsors for something in school. 


This scholarship allows students to earn scholarship money to help fund their college careers, by submitting their digital marketing work to us in a contest. 

This Scholarship will run all year long, and will be drawn each quarter, worth $500 for one student. The best work so far will be selected from the pool, and you will be notified. If you aren't selected this quarter, that doesn't meant hat you won't be selected the next quarter.


Fill out the form below. We DO NOT require a transcript to be accepted. Only thing that matters is the quality of your work. Please include a link to the document. 

For any questions, you may contact us using the form, at the bottom of this page. 

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